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My training philosophy is...
  • Leadership and Pack structure is the foundation of a perfect human/canine relationship
  • Mutual trust and respect must be acheived before training should take place 
  • Using Patience, Persistence and Positive Reinforcement as the number one training tools 
  • Physical and Mental Stimulation is a MUST for ALL dogs
I also believe....
  • Learning to communicate with your dog will be the single most important thing you do, other than socializing - Dogs have a high success rate with learning what human words mean.....they just have to be taught.
  • We as humans can learn the body language of our furry friends in order to understand what they are trying to tell us
  • With that being said, we must always remember that Humans are Humans and Dogs are Dogs, but we both respond to the Laws of Learning.   We shouldn't try to humanize our dogs, but teach them the rules by being a fair and consistent leader.  Learning the proper way to act, learning to communicate, working for food, and learning pack structure is natural in the dog world.  The Learning Canine will learn all of this and much,  more. 
  • It is a dog owner's respsonsibility to make sure his/her dog is physically and mentally stimulated every single day
  • Playing games with and including your dog in family activities helps with socialization, teaches good manners, mentally and physically stimulates them, puts them in work mode, as well as reinforces the bond between the family and your dog.

My training methods include...

  • Clicker training  
  • Positive reinforcement to motivate our classroom canine 
  • Introducing alternative behaviors in place of problem behaviors
  • Continuing Education - Your dog is the Learning Canine - he never stops learning !!!
  • My methods are fun yet viable - at times you will be training your dog and neither of you will even realize you are training ! 
Once you experience professional dog training, you will wonder why you waited until now. I look forward to working with you and your dog.   Don't wait another minute - Contact us TODAY !!  You're dog will will love you for it - HE NEEDS TLC !!

Serving the Tri-County area - Including, but not limited to Charleston, N. Charleston, Hanahan, Knightsville, Summerville, Dorchester, Ridgeville, Jedburg, James Island, IOP, Daniel Island, Monks Corner and Mount Pleasant.


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